The First Sunday of My Sabbatical – May 25

This morning is the first Sunday of my sabbatical, and I wake up early and laugh over the nightmare I had last evening. . . . .

It was the first Sunday back from my Sabbatical. I over slept so I was late for church. I couldn’t find my clerics so I was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. It was time for the service to start but I couldn’t find my robes and I wasn’t dressed properly! Evan was getting impatient so he decided to ring the bells so I would come into church but I couldn’t because I couldn’t find my robes. Evan then ran out of liturgical music so he started playing Broadway show tunes which made me mad. I am now frantically looking for my robes. One of the ladies in the church runs up to me and says that the lades washed all my robes and they are hanging in the closet. I go to the closet but still can’t find any robes. All I can find are wedding dresses! Evan gets more impatient and yells out, “I’ll go find him!” He runs out of the sanctuary to find me — but the Broadway music is still playing. By this time I’ve given up on finding my robes and my focus is now on my I-pad. While on my Sabbatical, I decided to go high tech and put all my sermons on my iPad and preach from there. The problem now is that I can’t figure out how to turn on my iPad and that is the only copy of my sermon. I finally get the iPad turned on but all I can find are pictures. Well, it’s almost noon and I decide I better get into church (I think this was the 8:30 service because Joyce Korth was there). I finally am standing in the pulpit ready to preach and wouldn’t you know it — I forgot how to turn on my iPad! . . . .

I wake up – look at the clock and laugh!
Hopefully this will not be reminiscent of the reoccurring dream I had for years after I graduated from college and seminary. In that dream I didn’t graduate because I didn’t take a history class. I couldn’t find the room and all I did was wander the halls.
This morning Lisa, Julia, Amanda, Laura and I will be attending Ascension Lutheran Church in Robinson Township to worship with Pastor Joe Murdy. Later today I leave for St. Augustine’s House in Oxford, Michigan and will be spending time in the monastery reading and reflecting on this life of faith that we are so blessed to be living.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.