2016: Lutheran World Relief


MHY Family Services


Agency of 2014: MHY Family Services (formerly Mars Home for Youth)

Since 1878, MHY Family Services has been meeting the needs of youth affected by trauma. The agency began when members of the Fourth United Presbyterian Church of Allegheny City (now Pittsburgh’s North Side) accepted the challenge to care for several orphaned children. In the 1950’s the organization’s emphasis changed to caring for children from broken homes. During the 1970s the agency once again shifted its focus to caring for the special needs of troubled and abused children and youth. Today, MHY continues to grow and expand its residential programs, community and educational services. Funding comes from insurance company reimbursement for services provided, individual donations, church support, and grants.


In 2014,  our congregation supported MHY Family Services

with monetary and product donations as well as by volunteering time and providing supplies for activities directly involving the Youth residents (Landscaping project –  sponsored by the Men’s Group, Easter Egg Hunt – sponsored by the Women of Words Book Club, PHLC information table during the MHY Open House – sponsored by the Social Outreach Ministry Team).

Congregation monetary donations totaled over $4,600 and were dedicated to urgently needed projects such as the purchase of 12 new mattresses for Gilfillin Cottage and the renovation of the MHY gymnasium.

Generous product donations from the congregation included:

  • Therapeutic art supplies
  • Undergarments for Boys
  • Birthday Bags
  • Puzzles, card and board games
  • Christmas gifts

For more information, please visit MHY Family Services at www.mhyfamillyservices.org


Agency of 2013: Lutheran World Relief


Lutheran World Relief’s development projects focus on issues at the root causes of poverty. These debilitating causes tend to domino into more and more problems that trap people in poverty. By the same token, attacking just one of these issues can help break the cycle, making people’s lives better and freeing them from suffering in many ways. With partners, we focus our work on: Water, Agriculture, Emergency Response, Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction, Health and Livelihoods, and Civic Participation.


In 2013, our congregation supported Lutheran World Relief by

– Efforts directly benefited those around the world that Lutheran World Relief serves.
– Monetary donations totaled $3820.36, of which $1000 purchased two community water systems, $1125 purchased 3 cows, $1290.36 was given for disaster relief, and $405 to purchase 40 malaria nets
– Generous product donations from the congregation created 95 kits: 17 personal health kits, 48 school supply kits, 30 baby kits
– Supported fair trade producers with LWR coffee/tea sales of $428


For more information, please visit Lutheran World Relief at www.lwr.org


Agency of 2012: Light of Life Rescue Mission


As a Christ-centered ministry, Light of Life Rescue Mission provides food, shelter and life-saving long-term programs for the poor, homeless and addicted:


Recovery Ministry for men

Women’s and Children’s Programs for mothers and children in crisis

Samaritan Ministries for the poor, homeless and addicted seeking help for immediate needs


In 2012, our congregation has supported Light of Life Rescue Mission by

– efforts directly benefited homeless and transitioning people in the Pittsburgh area
– monetary donations of $5499.29 through various giving programs and fundraisers
– generous product donations including: toiletries, spring cleaning baskets, undergarments, small appliances, tool kits, backpacks with school supplies, and Christmas gifts
– serving breakfast at the mission on a monthly basis (PHLC Men’s Bible Study Group)
– providing worship music and sermons (PHLC Choir, Pastor Ferguson).
– book drive (Women of the Church)
– birthday bags (Vacation Bible service project)



For more information visit: www.lightoflife.org



Agency of 2011: Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti


In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake and the following Cholera epidemic, our congregation decided to adopt Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti (HAS) for 2011. HAS serves as a referral hospital for more than 345,000 impoverished people in the Artibonite Valley of central Haiti. In addition, HAS provides community-based primary medical care and development programs. An integrated rural health system, HAS is a model for health care facilities in developing countries around the world.


For more information visit: http://hashaiti.org


Agency of 2010: North Hills Community Outreach


North Hills Community Outreach (NHCO) addresses the spiritual, emotional, physical and material needs of local individuals and families in crisis, hardship and poverty.
PHLC assisted with providing support in the form of needed goods and supplies, gift card donations, family holiday and birthday gifts, financial support, social support (welcoming families into our congregation), and volunteer support. Over the year, members of our congregation collected and provided:


–  $665 of gift cards for children’s shoes
–  $1190 worth of food and toiletry items donated to the Food Pantry
–  $330 in birthday bags for children’s parties (VBS)
–  $165 in backpacks and school supplies
–  $150 worth of baby equipment and clothes
–  $101 financial donation from the Youth Group
–  46 winter coats for the Winter Coat Shops
–  $583 in sporting equipment for teens
–  $1492 for the Emergency Assistance Fund
–  volunteer service for NHCO’s summer and winter Salvation Army Kettle Campaign
– volunteer service in the Food Pantry
–  and hosted NHCO families at the church picnic.



Winter coat shop (left), Food pantry (right)
For more information visit: http://www.nhco.org



Agency of 2009: The Refugee Resettlement Program of Jewish Family & Children Services of Pittsburgh


The Refugee and Immigration Services Department of JF&CS offers comprehensive programs and services to help immigrants, refugees, and asylees adapt and succeed in the United States, including resettlement services, bilingual case management, English-as-a-Second-Language referrals and tutoring, immigration assistance, naturalization assistance, vocational counseling and job placement.


Our efforts during the year directly benefited over 100 Bhutanese and Iraqi refugees. Our congregation supplied:


–  furniture for 8 apartments (beds, dresser, table, chairs, couch, lamps)
–  18 sets of kitchen essentials
–  15 sets of kitchen accessories
–  13 bath and laundry sets
–  Giant Eagle Gift Cards and non-perishable food (rice, tea, spices)


We also collected $1533 for the Emergency Trunk Fund, sponsored bus transportation for approximately 100 participants of the Bhutanese Water Festival and hosted 40 refugees at our annual church picnic.
Women of our church took care of a young Iraqi refugee couple who expected their first child by driving them to doctors’ appointments, outfitting the nursery, providing meals and visiting.


Refugees visiting PHLC in March 2009, Collected donations (kitchen essentials) for arriving refugees
For more information visit: http://www.jfcspgh.org/immigrants–refugees.aspx



Agency of 2008: Heifer International and ELCA World Hunger Initiative


Heifer’s mission is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth.
Heifer’s simple idea of giving families a source of food (such as a cow, goat, chicken or bee hive) rather than short-term relief has proven successful for over 65 years.
Heifer’s strategy is to “Pass on the Gift” to empower communities around the world to rise out of poverty with the goal to achieve self-reliance and sustainability. As people share their animals’ offspring with others – along with their knowledge, resources, and skills – an expanding network of hope and dignity is created that reaches around the globe. Today, millions of families in 128 countries have been given the gifts of self-reliance and hope.


Our congregation accepted the Heifer challenge and raised funds for two Gift Arks worth $10,000.


For more information visit: http://heifer.org/PDF/Gift_Ark_Brochure_updated.pdf