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ELCA Advocacy presents our public policy priorities for 2018. This policy action agenda focuses the work of the Washington, D.C., advocacy office on current issues central to God’s vision of a just world where all are fed. See the 2018 Advocacy Priorities on the ELCA website.


ELCA Advocacy February 2018 Update


JANUARY HUNGER LEADERSHIP GATHERING: On Jan. 23, approximately 150 Lutheran hunger leaders from across the nation gathered on Capitol Hill to advocate for policies and provisions in the 2018 farm bill. Reauthorized roughly every five years, the farm bill determines far-reaching rules that affect food assistance and agricultural development, research, land usage, farm and energy production – both in the U.S. and abroad.


FEB. 21, PRAY. FAST. ACT: The February day to #PrayFastAct is Wednesday, Feb. 21! This month, we are mindful of the injustices levied upon American Indians and Native Alaskans. There are approximately 1.9 million American Indians and Alaska Natives whose ancestors have ceded millions of acres of land that has made the United States what it is today and who also were, and are, subjected to various forms of physical and social injustices. As Lutherans, we have an obligation to work, pray and give to respond to and end those injustices.


P.A. BUDGET: The Pennsylvania Legislature begins its process of working with the proposed annual state budget that Gov. Tom Wolf presents on Feb. 6. LAMPa has been working with partners to prepare requests for the governor’s budget proposal. We will continue to monitor the process and share alerts with constituents as budget formulation continues.


LUTHERAN DAY 2018 “Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters”:  State Sen. Judiciary Chair Stewart Greenleaf will be the keynote speaker at LAMPa’s annual day of advocacy on May 21. LAMPa will recognize Greenleaf for his many years of service and for being a champion of criminal justice reform

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 Peace and Social Justice Advocacy Ministry at PHLC

Our church participates in the ELCA’s non-partisan efforts to influence state and federal governments to adopt laws that advance the social goals of the church in accordance with the church constitution. The Social Justice Advocacy display in the narthex is continually updated with information from the ELCA Offices and through LAMPa. See details about each of these initiatives below.


ELCA Advocacy – Connecting Faith and Public Life


From the ELCA website:

ELCA_AdvocacyAs members of the ELCA, we believe that we are freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor. God uses our hands, through our direct service work and our voices, through our advocacy efforts, to restore and reconcile our world. Through faithful advocacy, the ELCA lives out our Lutheran belief that governments can help advance the common good.


ELCA advocacy works for change in public policy based on the experience of Lutheran ministries, programs and projects around the world and in communities across the United States. We work through political channels on behalf of the following biblical values: peacemaking, hospitality to strangers, care for creation, and concern for people living in poverty and struggling with hunger and disease.


For more information regarding ELCA’s Advocacy, visit their website.


Lutheran Advocacy Ministry in Pennsylvania (LAMPa)



LAMPaTo advocate is to plead the cause of those suffering injustice. Advocacy ministry is rooted in Scripture, Lutheran theology and our baptismal calling to strive for justice and peace in all the earth*. It is expressed by advocating with and for our neighbors in need, for the sake of the common good, in places where important political and economic decisions are being made.


LAMPa is a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and serves as a State Public Policy Office of the ELCA. LAMPa’s vision is centered in the ELCA strategic direction to “Step forward as a public church that witnesses boldly to God’s love for all that God has created.”


For more information about LAMPa, visit their website.