Sabbatical Overview

Between May and September, 2014, this is the blog to find out . . .  “Where in the World is Pastor Ferguson?”
Background:  Last August, PHLC received word that it was awarded a Sabbatical Grant in the amount of $49,540 which will allow Pastor Ferguson to take his first sabbatical after 20 years of service at PHLC.  The theme of this sabbatical:  Experiencing God’s love through Family, History and Spiritual Refreshment.  The details of the sabbatical and grant can be read in PHLC’s annual report.  Here is a summary of the sabbatical timeline:

  • August, 2013 – Stephen Ministry training program
  • February through May, 2014 – Stephen Ministry Individual training
  • May 3, 2014 – Attend Amanda’s college graduation
  • May 18, 2014 – Farewell service and Luncheon
  • Retreat of Silence, Prayer, Meditations and Reflection at St. Augustine’s House in Oxford, Michigan
  • Reading and reflection at home with family
  • Travel to spend time with extended family
  • Travel to Germany and Italy:  History of Church and Family
  • Reading and Reflection at home
  • Retreat at St. Augustine’s House
  • Week of  Reflection
  • September 14, 2014 – Welcome Home Worship and Luncheon

This sabbatical will provide opportunities not only for Pastor and his family to share some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, but also for members of the congregation to continue to grow in their own understanding of what Martin Luther called The Priesthood of all Believers and what it means to live out being the Body of Christ and the practice of their calling.  Staff members will assume added responsibilities and members of the congregation will be called upon to assume leadership roles in all area of daily ministry.
The technology available to us also will provide an opportunity for members of the congregation to share in the sabbatical experiences of Pastor and his family throughout this time.  On a periodic basis, Pastor will be providing “blogging” updates and reflections to the congregation on his experiences.
We wish Pastor and his family a most enjoyable and gratifying sabbatical.