Because marriage was instituted by God and continues to have his blessing, many persons desire to make their marriage promises before God as well as their family and friends, asking God’s blessing on their new marriage relationship.  Recognizing the benefits and efficacy of such actions, the State has empowered ordained ministers to act as its agents in witnessing to the marriage for legal purposes.  This privilege does not imply that the minister is simply an agent of the State who must therefore perform marriages for anyone who desires them.  Rather it is a privilege granted in order to coordinate and simplify the work of the State in this area.


Marriage within the Church then has two purposes, the legalizing of a relationship between two persons, and the praise and thanks to God who blesses the relationship.  Because the ceremony is worship, the Church shall have final authority over the nature and content of the Service, even while working with the couple for a mutually satisfying and meaningful expression of worship.  Within the Church, wedding ceremonies are worship and not spectacles.


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PHLC Wedding Guidelines updated 2014-07