Confirmation ministry at Perry Highway Lutheran is a “Youth Friendly” program and an important step in the faith development of our youth. As the second part of a person’s baptism, confirmation is the time we say “YES” to our baptism and have the promises made at our baptism fulfilled.


A Youth Friendly program is not so much what you say, as it is how we say it. The trick is to package the message of the Gospel in such a way that it appeals to Junior High youth. Obviously the Gospel hasn’t changed, but its relevance to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders make it sound different. The media works hard at targeting this age group, and we feel the Church needs to give at least as much effort to that same task. The youth of today need to hear the Gospel message as it applies to them, to figure how to live it out in their own circles, and to be aware of the growth process implicit in a Christian lifestyle.


Most sixth, seventh and eighth graders have little room for choice in their lives. The majority of their school classes are mandatory, they are still pretty much subject to the house rules in their homes, and they haven’t yet received the freedom that comes with driving. They are “encouraged” to go through Confirmation, which consists of yet another set of “rules and regulations” to live by. Much of this lifestyle can’t and shouldn’t be changed; but wherever possible, we hope to relieve some pressure and to accommodate harried families by providing flexibility and variety along with some quality time.


Our goal at PHLC is to engage students in the sixth through eighth grade in a personal faith search – to walk with them – to be in dialogue with them – and to encourage them to be open about their questions and concerns. During these two years we talk about the basics of the Lutheran faith, our understanding of the Ten Commandments, the Creeds, the Sacraments, the Old and New Testaments and the basics of our Christian faith. We are not in this to confirm Biblical scholars; rather, to confirm students of faith for life. It is our hope that through small groups, independent study, family time and self-discovery, that youth will find a spot for Christ near the center of their lives. Through grace and the encouragement of caring of adults, they will feel at home in their search.


These are exciting and challenging years and also enjoyable. We have an awesome God, one who will never let you down or disappoint you. He is a God full of love and mercy. He is a God full of grace. During these confirmation years you will discover that our God will hold a central place in your heart as you grow.
Click here to download our 2012/2013 Confirmation Program or to find forms which confirmation candidates can use.