Perry Highway Lutheran Preschool Book Fair

2016 Feelin’ Groovy Scholastic Book Fair

Sunday, March 6, through Sunday, March 13, 2016

(Including Wednesday evening, March 9 from 5:30-7 p.m.)

Please support Perry Highway Lutheran Preschool (PHLP) and Mars Home for Youth (MHY):

  • Purchase books at the book fair in the church Narthex
    1. Select books for yourself and your family for you to bring home
    2. Select books from the tables designated as PHLP or MHY – these are books that have been carefully chosen by the organizations; we will collect them at the cash register and deliver them for you.
  • Make a donation into one of the boxes at the cash register labeled PHLP or MHY.
    1. At the end of the book fair we will use this money to buy any books from the organization’s table that were not purchased and deliver them for you.
    2. We will provide a record of your donation to Denise and the amount will be added to your giving statement.
    3. Additionally, we will report the total amount collected and Scholastic Book Fairs will match the amount with a donation of up to $1 million in books from The Scholastic Possible Fund, which distributes books to children through organizations such as the Kids In Need FoundationReader to Reader, Inc., and theNational Center for Families Learning.
  • Go to the Online Book Fair and choose from an even greater selection of books than what you see in the Narthex. The books you buy online will count toward our total book fair sales and be delivered to the church for free after the book fair closes.


Thank you for your generous support for Perry Highway Lutheran Preschool and Mars Home for Youth!