July 21 – Rome, Italy

After another hotdog and peach filled breakfast, we purchased a 24-hour public transport ticket which included bus and metro access. And thanks to the enormous help of Rick, we knew the bus numbers, the stops, and walking directions from the bus stops to all of our destinations today. Without him, it would be like the Hard Rock Café incident all over again! We started off at the Pantheon which was beautiful. We were able to take a picture with Flat Jesus there because Lisa luckily found him mixed in with our several Germany pamphlets. Next, we went to the Roman Forum before we stopped at yet another outside restaurant for lunch.
From there, we took a long bus ride to the Domitilla Catacombs where St. Peter’s daughter was buried, but has since been moved to the Vatican Museum. We only saw a few tombs, but were told there was about 12 miles of tombs over 3 stories underground. This was not cheerful Amanda’s favorite site; she spent most of the time at the back of the line hugging herself. Now, off to dinner!