July 19 – Rome, Italy

After Amanda had a delicious breakfast of hotdogs and peaches, we left the hotel and got tickets for a “hop on hop off” bus tour which stops at different historical places around Rome, and you can get off at whatever stop you want and get back on when you’re finished at the site. Since we got a 48-hour ticket, we rode the whole bus route so we could get an idea of where we wanted to go tomorrow. We got off at the last stop to take a look at the Trevi Fountain, and were disappointed to find that it was under construction and surrounded by scaffolding and the water was drained.
After 2 weeks of sausage and pork, we were all craving some American food again. We set off to find the Hard Rock Café which, on a map, seemed easy enough to find but that was not the case. After an hour or so of walking in all sorts of directions, we found it right around the corner from where we started! We made our way back to the hotel where the girls’ enjoyed a 3-hour nap while Lisa, Rick, and I searched for a Laundromat.
Then, we went upstairs to our hotel’s rooftop garden restaurant to have dinner and for dessert we got some gelato.