July 18 – Rome, Italy

Today we woke up at 4 a.m. in order to catch our 7 o‘clock flight. We flew from Munich to Paris, and then from Paris to Rome. When we arrived at the Rome airport, we found that it was Julia’s and Lisa’s turn to lose their luggage. Then we met up with the gentleman who was transporting us to our hotel. We immediately discovered that the rumors of crazy Italian drivers are true. We took off at 130 kilometers an hour while weaving in and out of all the other cars. Needless to say we felt a little car sick by the time we reached the hotel.
Quickly after our arrival, we grabbed our first authentic Italian meal at a little restaurant right next door to our hotel. All 5 of us got a different kind of pizza, and I was pleased to discover that it was almost as good as the pizza I grew up with! Afterward we wandered around the town and before we knew it, it was time for dinner already.
We ate at an outside restaurant and were approached over and over again by panhandlers, and quickly learned to just look down and ignore them in order to make them go away. After our meal, Julia’s boyfriend, Rick, met up with us at the restaurant after his trip from Ireland. We went to bed early.