Join us this Advent

Stop and pause in the midst of all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays and focus on the real meaning of the Christmas Season. Advent begins Sunday, November 30th. Our worship schedule is below; please join us. Also, if you are looking for some quiet family Advent time, please download the form below.
1st week of Advent – Sunday, November 30th

    Read Luke 21:25 – 36
    The season of Advent begins this day with texts describing the righteousness Jesus initiated in his first coming and will complete in his return.

2nd week of Advent – Sunday, December 7th

    Read Luke 3:1 – 6
    During this second week of Advent, John the Baptist walks onto the stage and calls people to a new beginning.

3rd week of Advent – Sunday, December 14th

    Read Luke 3:7 – 18
    The arrival of the Christ is fast approaching; the light from the Advent wreath is growing. How shall we prepare for God’s coming among us? With Joy! With resolute action! With prayer and thanksgiving! The Lord is near.

4th week of Advent – Sunday, December 21st

    Read Luke 1:39 – 45
    We come to the threshold of the celebration on this day. The time is right; the place, Bethlehem of Judah, is identified; Mary’s song announces the great things God is doing. A new day is being birthed into existence, and we are meant to be a part of it.


Advent Candle Time

If your family would like to “get ready” for the birth of Jesus in a more intimate, joyous way, you may want to try Candle Time! By picking one time each week during the next four weeks of Advent when your whole family can be together, you can help your children get to know God a little better and help them get their hearts ready for Jesus! Pick up a copy of Advent Candle Time from the youth table in the narthex and begin your journey together. Or download the 2014 Advent Candle time file here.