If you are interested in joining a Ministry team after reading the information below, please contact the Team leaders listed. You can also check for meetings on the church calendar.


Altar Guild

Purpose:  To care for, maintain, and prepare the area of the Altar in the sanctuary.  The altar guild duties are concerned not so much with making the sanctuary pretty as it is with making it meaningful.  Committee members prepare the Altar for all weekly services, including all holiday services, mid-week services, and special occasion services.


Read the Altar Guild Guidelines document.



When – Training meeting for new lay assistants, as needed
Where – Church

Contact:   Cyndi Chiodo


Christian Education

Purpose:  To provide a lifelong program of Christian Education that will enable members of all ages to learn the Holy Scriptures and Lutheran teachings and apply them to everyday life.


Read the Christian Education Guidelines document.



When – 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month
Where – Church

Contact:  Lisa Ferguson, lc5ferguson@yahoo.com



Purpose:  The Congregation Council is responsible for seeing that faithful ministry is being done through the work of the congregation as well as overseeing the financial and property matters of the church.  The Congregation Council is the board of trustees of the congregation, and as such shall be responsible for maintaining and protecting its property and the management of its business and fiscal affairs.



When – 7:00 pm, Third Monday of the Month
Where – Church

Contact:  Bill Dougherty, President



Purpose:  To responsibly manage the Perpetual Maintenance Endowment Fund so that earnings may provide funds for the maintenance of church buildings and grounds.



When – 4 times per year; February, April, September, November
Where – Church

Contact:  Bob Jack, Chair of Trustees, ljack@zoominternet.net



Mission: The Perry Highway Lutheran Church Fellowship Team will provide opportunities for the PHLC congregation and community to come together in faithful friendship and thanksgiving in order to support the building of relationships and a strong, meaningful and charitable church.


Contact: Lisa Augustin, lisa.augustin@gmail.com



Purpose:  To provide for responsible management of all financial assets of the congregation; to prepare an annual budget reflecting realistic anticipated receipts and expenditures that support the congregation’s ministries; to strengthen the financial position of the congregation through all appropriate means.


Read the Finance Team Guidelines document.



When – 7:00 pm, 2nd Tuesday of the month
Where – Church

Where:  Church

Contact:  Jack Voelzke at jvoelzke@comcast.net


Mutual Ministry

Purpose:  The primary function of the mutual ministry committee is to keep the Pastor and staff advised about the conditions within the congregation of Perry Highway Lutheran Church, and to interpret to the congregation the ministry of the Pastor and other professional leaders.  The committee’s responsibilities are outlined in four general areas:  Selection of Personnel, Education, Evaluation, and Support.


Click here to read the Mutual Ministry Guidelines document.



When – Once in the Fall, As Needed afterward
Where – Church

Contact:  Jay Frerotte, jmf2@pitt.edu


Pre-Kindergarten Board

Purpose:  The objectives of the Pre-Kindergarten board is to see that all programs are planned, organized and produced according to the goals, policies and guidelines of Perry Highway Evangelical Lutheran Church.


Click here to read the Pre-Kindergarten By-laws.



When – First Thursday of the month, during the school year
Where – Church

Contact:  Darlene Wisniewski at djhenze@consolidated.net



Purpose:  To provide for the maintenance and improvement of all the real and personal property of the congregation; to provide for the equipment and materials necessary and helpful for the congregation to carry out its mission and ministry; to provide for the schedules, maintenance, and replacement of property and equipment.


Read the Property Committee Guidelines document.



When – 7:00 pm, First Thursday of the month; occasional Saturday cleanup sessions
Where – Church

Contacts:  Ron Bolster


Social Outreach

Purpose: To lead this congregations efforts to address the social, economic, and emotional needs of people both within the congregation and in the community.


Read the Social Outreach Guidelines document.



When – 7:30 pm, 1st Tuesday of every month
Where – Church

Contact:  Gisela Spallek, gisela@spallek.com



Purpose:  To provide ministry to and with young people, so that they may grow in faith and in their understanding of themselves as members of the congregation; to work for the involvement of young people in all aspects of congregational life.


Read the Youth Team Guidelines document.



When – 7:30, First Monday of the month
Where – Church

Contact:  Elaine Roller, FamilyMinistries@phlc.org

Please verify meeting dates, time, and location on the church calendar.