CreationFest 2017

Creation Fest 2017 is quickly approaching. We need to get our group together and tickets ordered. Creation is a five-day music festival celebrating our Creator and Lord. There are a variety of music groups that will perform as well as guest speakers. For a full list of music groups and speakers, please visit


On the Youth table in the Narthex is a sign-up sheet for Creation 2017. If you are interested in attending this awesome week, please put your name on the sheet. Once we know who is going, we will have an informational meeting with all the attendees to discuss the cost and go over specifics.


The date for Creation 2017 is June 27 – July 1, 2017.  We would depart early on Tuesday, June 27, and return mid-afternoon on July 1.



If you have any questions now, please contact Elaine Roller at