Through our Youth Group, PHLC youth (Middle and High school students) are invited to attend the following meetings, gatherings and events.


Monthly Bibly Study

From October through May, our Youth meets the second Saturday of the month from 10 to 11 am at Panera’s in Wexford for a Bible Study.


Mission Trip

Both Middle School and High School students can go on Mission Trips. A Mission Trip is an opportunity for our youth to go to areas in our country that have experienced disaster, extreme poverty and homelessness. There they will build, repair and/or paint homes, work in soup kitchens, lead vacation bible school programs, and touch the hearts of others with the love of Christ. This will give our youth the opportunity to put into practice the command of our Lord to care for the less fortunate and to love one another. They are guaranteed to have a Christ-centered, life changing experience! Mission Trips are PHLC led and could possible take place annually, except on the same years as a National Youth Gatherings.


National Youth Gathering

The National Youth Gathering is held every three years and is Synod led. Locations vary each time it’s held. It is for youth who have finished 8th grades through those who have finished 12th grade.  The Gathering program is built around three core practices in which young people will be immersed before they go on the trip, while they are attending the Gathering, and again, in the communities of their congregations and synods when they return home. Congregations register and attend as a group.

The National Youth Gathering Core Practices — DiscipleshipPeacemaking and Justice — serve to accentuate God’s greatest commandment: to love the Lord our God and our neighbor as ourselves (Matthew 22:34–40).



Our youth are invited to attend the Northeast Creation Festival.  This is a non-denominational Christian music festival for youth who have completed 5th grade through those that have finished 12th grade.  The Creation Festival states its purpose as:  To present the Gospel through music, teaching and any other creative means so that those attending will be drawn to salvation and discipleship in Christ. We come together by the thousands to “Give Tribute to Our Creator” and to allow His Spirit to birth many as “new Creations” in Jesus Christ who will love and serve Him. (Colossians 1:15-18)

For many of our Youth, Attending the Creation Music Festival has become the highlight of the summer. “Creation” takes place in June at the Agape Farm in the beautiful hills of Central Pennsylvania, located halfway between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, just off exit 180 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Agape Farm provides a comfortable and rustic atmosphere that makes the camping experience more than just “another camping trip”. We will have our own large assigned area where we will set up a number of large tents (each tent to sleep comfortable 6 people), have a fully equipped kitchen with grill and stove, our own portable toilet and 2 shower tents. The days are spent relaxing, with devotions, games, and attending concerts.  The fellowship that comes from being amidst thousands of brothers and sisters in Christ is unparalleled.

For more information on the Creation Festival, click here.


Youth Quake / Youth Encounter

Youth Quakes are weekend events for middle and high school students were faith comes alive through caring conversations, music, workshops, and worship. Established in 1965 in St. Paul, MN, Youth Encounter is credited with playing a leading role in developing Christian contemporary music in the U.S. and inspiring young people to be life-long church leaders. The Pittsburgh Youth Quake is usually held in late January. The event takes place in a hotel near or at Pittsburgh International Airport, from Friday evening through Sunday noon, including 2 overnight stays at the hotel. Youth Quake begins Friday night with an Opening Celebration, a large group gathering with multi media, scripture, prayer, message, and music, followed by so called 
Family Time spend with our group only. Saturday features morning and evening celebrations, mid-day devotions
as well as smaller group workshops where the kids discuss issues of concern and grow a deeper Christian faith. Youth Quake ends on Sunday around noon with Reflection Time 
and the Closing Celebration.


30-Hour Famine

In conjunction with World Vision, our Middle School and High School youth (and a few adults) participate in a 30-hour famine to raise awareness of and raise money for world hunger. During their 30-hour famine, the youth spend the evening together participating in activities that increase their awareness of world hunger and also doing a service project.

For more information on World Vision and its 30-hour famine program, visit the World Vision website.