RiseUpLet’s Rise Up Together!


We are getting ready for the ELCA Youth Gathering in Detroit this summer by studying the Gospel of Mark and learning how the readers of this Gospel are provided with good news and hope in the midst of their despair.


Please pray that God’s spirit empowers us and moves through us as we engage in our studies.  We are seeking “new eyes” to see Jesus, discipleship and God’s kingdom in new ways.


Would you like to help sponsor the youth on this journey? 


You can do so by participating in our upcoming fundraiser.  Soon you will see a board in the narthex with 144 envelopes, each having a different amount of money written on the outside (from $1 to $144).  You can choose whichever envelope you want and make that amount of contribution to our Youth Gathering fund.  You can also choose several envelopes to make up the amount you want to contribute.  It’s your choice!!  Inside each envelope will be instructions on how to make your payment.  We are also asking for your contact information so that we can stay in touch with you while we are on our trip!  

We look forward to sharing our journey with as many sponsors as possible, from all ages!  We invite everyone, even your whole family, to partner with us through this fundraiser.  Watch for more information here and on the table in the narthex.