Come as a Guest ….. Leave as a Friend ….



Our Affirmation of Welcome:

In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, who invited us in reconciling love and grace to join the reign of God, this church welcomes all.  We extend this welcome to all believers and non-believers regardless of age, cultural background, economic status, ethnic or linguistic heritage, employment status, housing status, substance dependence, marital status, physical or mental abilities, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other distinction.  As we are all one in God’s eyes, we encourage any who express an interest to become an active part of the full life of this congregation as we witness to the love of God.  This is our response to the Gospel, as we understand it, and to do any less would deny to others the welcome we ourselves have received from the Creator of us all.


How do I become a Member?

We invite you to attend service and talk with our members.  If you are interested in becoming a member and would like to meet with Pastor, click here to request a meeting.


We request that you complete the New Member Forms that can be found on our forms page.


If you want directions to the church, click here.